May 20, 2020


Updated Wednesday, May 20, 2020 WHAT DOES IT MEAN AND WHAT TO EXPECT SAN ANTONIO (May 19, 2020) — San Antonio and Bexar County will extend its emergency orders amid the COVID-19 pandemic until June 4 SAN ANTONIO (April 29, 2020) — Today, Mayor Ron Nirenberg and Judge Nelson Wolff issued separate but joint updates to […]

Updated Wednesday, May 20, 2020


SAN ANTONIO (May 19, 2020) — San Antonio and Bexar County will extend its emergency orders amid the COVID-19 pandemic until June 4

SAN ANTONIO (April 29, 2020) — Today, Mayor Ron Nirenberg and Judge Nelson Wolff issued separate but joint updates to their Stay Home, Work Safe Orders to continue slowing the spread of COVID-19. The orders are effective beginning at 11:59 p.m. today, April 29, 2020 and if extended by City Council at this Thursday’s meeting, will last until 11:59 p.m. on May 19, or until it is either rescinded, superseded or amended.

Reopened services

Governor Abbott’s order includes the following reopened services, at 25 percent occupancy retail stores, dine-in restaurants, movie theaters, shopping malls, museums, libraries (at this time, City-owned libraries remained closed), golf courses and places of worship. The Governor’s order does not mandate the opening of these facilities; however, they may reopen if they choose to. These services need to follow specific sector guidance in the Governor’s guidance for reopening businesses.
Violations of the orders may be reported to 210-207-SAPD.
The Governor’s order indicates that bars, gyms, bowling alleys, arcades, public swimming pools, massage establishments, tattoo and piercing studios and cosmetology and barber ships must remain closed.


How is this order going to be enforced?

SAPD will not pull you over, and no permission slip is needed. Enforcement will be on businesses to make sure they’re following social distancing measures. We are asking everyone to please cooperate and comply.

What about my place of business?

As long as you can keep to social distancing rules of 6ft apart and part of the exempted businesses below you may remain open.

What is the difference between stay home/work safe and shelter-in-place?

Based on various orders that have been issued by different states and cities across the country you will see are substantially similar. 

Can I drive around without getting out of my car to stop me from going stir-crazy?

Yes, you can drive and go on walks for mental health. Please keep in mind you will need to adhere to social distancing rules.

Can I travel in and out of the city with the order in place?


Who do we notify if a business is not following the order?

The SAPD non-emergency line is 210.207.SAPD

Can people in Bexar county still go fishing?


Can elective/cosmetic procedures be performed?


Can I foster a pet?


Should I wear a mask if I am going outside?

Critical healthcare supplies should be preserved for healthcare providers and frontline responders.


Four categories of allowed activities:

  1. Activities related to maintaining the health and safety of your family and your pets. Examples are seeking emergency services, obtaining medical supplies or medication and visiting a health care professional. This includes caring for a family member or pet in another household.
  2. Activities to obtain necessary supplies for you, your family and household, including groceries or food, pet supplies and pet food, supplies needed to work from home and consumer products, such as toilet paper and cleaning supplies.
  3. Working for an exempted business or government that is providing services needed by the public during this crisis, which is explained in detail below.
  4. Outdoor activity, such as walking, running or cycling, but only if you maintain social distancing, such as staying 6 feet away from other people.

All individuals should remain home, except for when securing healthcare, purchasing food and basic supplies, exercising outdoors, or working to provide these basic services to the public.

All public and private gatherings consisting of anyone other than your own household or family are prohibited.


The Mayor and Judge also ordered all businesses to close and stop operations other than allowing employees to work from home, maintaining security and maintenance of the business’ property and facilitating information technology services that allow employees to work from home.

Businesses and organizations that are providing products and services that are needed by the community during this crisis are exempted. The followed exempted businesses may continue operating, provided they exercise proper social distancing: 

  • Healthcare operations, including hospitals, clinics, dentists, pharmaceutical companies and veterinary offices; 
  • Government functions to provide for the health, safety and welfare of the public, including first responders and emergency personnel; trash collection; and water and electric utilities;
  • Schools and education personnel supporting public and private K-12 schools, colleges and universities who are facilitating distance learning;
  • Companies providing or maintaining infrastructure, such as the construction of public works, housing and other infrastructure that supports critical needs, such as water, sewer, gas and electricity, internet and telecommunications;
  • Businesses related to transportation, including gas stations, repair shops, car dealerships, manufacturers, public transportation, such as buses, taxis, rideshare companies and the airport;
  • Information technology companies that provide and maintain internet and telecommunications systems
  • Retail businesses that sell food, gas and household products, such as grocery stores, big box stores, farmers’ markets, laundromats and drycleaners;
  • Charitable organizations providing food, shelter and services to economically disadvantaged or vulnerable populations, including animals;
  • Hotels and other temporary residence facilities;
  • Businesses that provide home maintenance and other services that individuals need to work from home, such as mail and shipping companies, building maintenance, plumbers, electricians, exterminators and professional services, such as legal or accounting services necessary to comply with legally required activities, such as filing taxes;
  • News media, including newspapers, television, radio and other media outlets providing information to the public;
  • Financial institutions, such as banks, credit unions and title companies;
  • Childcare services
  • Worship services, provided services are distributed by video, teleconference or other remote measures;
  • Funeral services;
  • Business and operations necessary to the 16 critical infrastructure sectors identified by the National Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA.)

SAN ANTONIO (April 3, 2020) — Today, San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg issued an addendum to the Stay Safe Work Home Order. The addendum is consistent with Governor Abbott’s Executive Order issued on March 31, 2020. The addendum outlines the following measures:

  1. Staff members at long-term care facilities may only work at one facility.  Long-term care facilities should identify and exclude potentially infected staff members and implement appropriate infection control measures;
  2. Provides the City with the authority to revoke Certificates of Occupancy from businesses as an enforcement measure for repeat violations of Stay Home/ Work Safe orders;
  3. Requiring all food, household staples retail, including those doing pick-up/delivery to limit number of people at pickup or in an establishment so that social distancing may be maintained, implement an organized line system where spacing is at least 6 feet apart, and post the establishment’s guidelines that limit number of people and implement the line system;
  4. Closes park amenities including playgrounds, basketball courts, tennis courts, skate plazas and splash pads at all community recreational areas;
  5. Closes City parks, except for walking/running/biking trails, on Saturday and Sunday of Easter weekend;
  6. Closes all municipal and private golf courses and driving ranges (including frisbee courses).


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